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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  October 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we've got a fair amount of moisture. it is a touch humid and winds are light out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. we have clouds trying to move in from the south and west. it is mostly high level cloudiness so still on the bright side today and the rain will hold off. fair skies at 9:00 and 70 degrees. 81 for the lunch hour. partly sunny and warm. 84 degrees at 4:00 and 85 the high. a couple degrees cooler than yesterday because of a little bit more cloud cover. how long will this great weather last? big changes ahead from the belfort furniture weather center a few minutes away. time for traffic. amanda? >> thank you jackie. watching an accident on 95 and virginia causing significant delays. brake lights this is in the hov system, and we have he news chopper 7 on scene. we will start with a live shot from them. you can see the left lane is closed. we're getting reports this is a motorcycle accident which mean it is may take some time for
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them to investigate and get this cleaned up. right lane is open in the hov system but your better bet may be with the through lanes this morning, since you have all lanes open in the through lanes. backing up quickly to fairfax county parkway on 95 in the hov system. that slain still sitting still on that chopper shot. and slowing things down on route 50. 295 is starting to see some delays. we've got two construction incidents working there. 295 southbound at howard road has the right lane closed. the right leadership is also closed on 295 northbound before the said street bridge. 66 not looking too bad but activity eastbound before route 234 on the left shoulder. a live shot moving at a good
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clip eastbound. back to you. >> 6:03 is your time. it is day three of the government shutdown. >> and lawmakers are no closer to a deal after meeting at the white house president obama. today, the president hits the road plan talk about the impact of the shutdown by profiling a local business. brianne carter is on capitol hill with the latist on the negotiations. >> we understand the president is headed to rockville, maryland to speak about the shutdown, speaking at a local construction company there a white house spokesperson says this will hurt the country. the bitter back and forth keeps going after even a conversation at the white house with congressional leaders. we understand that house minority leader nance which -- nancy pelosi think the senate
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bill should come to a vote. house speaker john boehner says that is unlikely. he wants the president to negotiate with republicans. >> we want a discussion and fairness for the american people under obamacare. >> the only thing that is stopping him is not been willing to say no to a faction of the republican party that are willing to burn the house down because of an obsession over my health care initiative. saw in heard from speaker john boehner, he said he doesn't believe the president wants to negotiate on mig, certainly not health care. we understand that speaker boehner and other republicans believe the talks should begin with discussions about raising the debt ceiling. we're fast approaching that deadline, as well. if these two talks combine together we understand this showdown on the shutdown could continue for weeks. reporting live on capitol hill,
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brianne carter abc7 news. >> another busy day ahead of us on the hill. thank you brianne. new this mornings at least 62 people are dead after a my grant boat ran aground off a sicilian island. right now, rescue crews are searching for more victims, but we understand a 3-year-old child and a pregnant woman was among the victims. >> a man involved in last year's death of a prince george's police officer has a hearing. the man was passenger in the car that a police officer was chasing, who then crashed and the officer was killed. the drew alengthed drive are could go on trial for manslaughter early next year. >> >> it is 6:05 and 63 degrees.
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ahead, why john kerry wants to test iran's new pledge. >>
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by repuican governor mcdonnell... ken n cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the p plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes.
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terry mcauliffe. putting virginia fst. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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>> 60:00 -- 6:09. a live look at the capitol were many look looking to see if the government can end the partial shutdown. >> i notice brianne put on her trench coat it looks like. is it getting a little cool out there? >> i have to say, to be honest, i actually think it is a little bit on the muggy side, and it is
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actually not too bad. now, i'm here in the city and temperatures are in the lower to middle 60s, but some spots, especially farther north and west, temperatures are in the upper 50s. you may want a light sweater. by later this afternoon, you're not going to need it. it is going to be warm once again, almost a little on the hot side. with the humidity it will make it feel a tad on the warm side but middle 80s expected today. if you're traveling it, it looks likes probably problem spots today will be in the central plains and the rockies as a strong area of low-pressure develops. that system will track to the east and bring us likely chances for rain in the forecast by early next week. but, overall, our forecast today with high-pressure in control highs around 85 degrees with a few high, thin clouds. overall, things looking very nice in the weather department. how are things looking on the roadways? for that, we turn it over to amanda meadows. good morning amanda. >> good morning. you get to give all the good news and i'm stuck with the bad news.
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delays on 95 in the hov system so you're better off using the through lanes, this is specifically in from fairfax county parkway. now, we had a news chopper 7 shot that showed is the left lane was closed, so again, hov 95 northbound at fairfax county parkway. use those through lanes. now the inner loop, the shoulder closed at central avenue, causing brief delays. 295. two construction zones there. southbound at howard road past the said street line of scrimmage bridge. right lane closed in both directions there. 270 is starting to build. clarksburg, typical delays. route 66 at 28, moving at a
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pretty good clip. a little bit of volume from centerville, towards fairfax eastbound. >> coming up, a new like at japan's troubled nuclear plant. >> plus still ahead more
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>> good morning, washington. it is time now for your bus stop forecast. thursday, kids only one more wake up and then finally the weekend. it is beautiful out here this morning, so as you're getting out to the bus stop, temperatures starting in the upper 50s to middle 60s downtown. you may want a light sweater or cardigan. if mom and dad tell you to do
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that just follow their direction. by later this afternoon, we have a few high clouds. otherwise still very, very warm in the middle 80s. this afternoon, as you're getting dropped off, partly cloudy and 86 degrees. jummy? >> thank you eileen. 6:16 is the time. time time for a look at headlines across the world. the defense team for oscar business torous is preparing for his trial. they say forensic experts want to access the door he shot through. this is the second time forensic experts asked for access to that house. >> this morning we're learning about a new leak at the fukushima power plant in japan. workers detected water leaking from the top of the tank.
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the fukushima plant was damaged in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. >> secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will not be fooled by iran's recent conciliatory tone about its nuclear program. speaking in japan, he said it would be diplomatic malpractice of the worst order not test iran's willingness to negotiate. he will not take any iranian offers at face value. >> and sotheby's is getting ready to auction off what some might call the best friend a girl could ask for. >> they previewed a rare pink die month that is expected to fetch more than $60 million. the auction house dubbed it the pink star. my gosh. it is more than 59.5-carats in an oval cut. they expect had to be the most expensive diamond they ever auctions. if you're in the market, it hits the auction block in geneva next month. >> my birthday is next month,
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scott. >> now i don't have to look around for what to buy you. >> how heavy would that be. >> you couldn't even wear it. >> start hand exercises now. >> a personal traintory get new shape. >> whoa. >> exercise outside today. >> a great day. you've been talking about a name to call this, you talked about snow-tober which we had a couple of years ago. you came up with? >> knock-tober. >> i like that. >> you didn't like hot-tober. >> hot-tober is okay but 90-police consider it august. see, august, right. our viewers have been giving us some of their ideas. take a look at this list and you can see a couple of them we've had august-tober. we had left-tober.
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tropi-tober. i blake globo-tobar. thank you so much for sending those in. having a little fun here on a thursday. it is friday eve, we will call it. 65 degrees this morning. it is mild. you hardly need long sleeves this morning. 57 in gaithersburg, 56 in martinsburg and your temperature in culpepper this morning, 59 degrees. it is going to be mother warm one. yesterday, we hit 88 degrees, the hottest temperature in october in three years it is definitely noticeable. today is warm but not too warm. we have moisture feeding in from the south and west and that is bringing in high-level cloudiness and that will filter the sunshine a little bit more. that is a strong cold front you will see across the nation's midsection. you can see that cold air back down through the rockies and that is heading our way by early next week.
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in addition to that, we're going to get some tropical moisture coming in here. i think it is going to hook up with the cold front. right now, it is a cluster of thunderstorms but it is looking more organized and this could become tropical storm karen later on today and we are expecting that to push up in our area, no longer tropical but it will help bring heavier rain showers at times. partly cloudy skies for today highs in the middle 80s once again. partly cloudy tonight at 59 to 65 degrees. tomorrow a few more clouds and stray shower will be possible with elevations. if you live in the mountains maybe a stray shower. partly sunny for the rest of us. staying in the 80s through the weekend. the weekend is looking dry. we've pushed it back to monday and tuesday for the chance of morning showers as temperatures start to cool on down. speaking of cool things, the good luck goddess a cool
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twitter handle. >> thank you very much. thank you, jacqui. we have not so cool conditions on 95. we're going to start off right there near the fairfax county parkway. we've got cameras on scene right on that accident. even though this is a dark shot we can see the left side is closed with those emergency vehicles along 95. this is an hov system so your best bet in virginia is using the through lanes instead. hov, again, shut down. left lane at fairfax county parkway. we have an eye on the back up so you can see a wall of brakes on i-95 northbound. those brake lights extend through wharton. through lanes the best bet. bright red there, 16 miles per hour on average. inner loop, still working that crash near central. for now, i will send it back to you. >> thank you, amanda. it is not just a government shutdown that is worrying the
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nation's top financial executives. >> and a fast food restaurant scam appears to be working. here is america's money with john mueller. >> good morning. topping america's money, 15 financial leaders paying a visit to the president. the biggest concern isn't the shutdown, it is the october 17 deadline to raise the debt limit. americans waiting for a tax refund will have to wait a while longer. the irs says no refunds will be issued under the shutdown until it is over. there is a growing phone scam being linked to obama care. callers are requesting personal information. callers sound credible. they ask for social security numbers and credit card numbers and medicare account numbers. if you get a call like this, hang up. the government usually communicates by mail. and in you logo that says fries king a pr stunt that created buzz online. it left someone wandering about the burgers.
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give me a whopper with cheese. that's america's money. i'm john mueller.
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>> good morning, washington. all right, all you "scandal" fans and gladiators in suits. suit up, tonight. watch it. >> that was judy smith the real life olivia pope from abc's "scandal". the show returns tonight at 10:00 with season three picking up minutes after oh area entered the word, "dat". >> the white house will be dedestroyed. >> mom used to tell me about you. >> wow this season, we will find out who outed olivia pope as the president's mistress.
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they say they're excited about this new season. >> i think people are going to be cool with what they're about to see, lean because it is not going to be anything anybody is expecting so have a good time everybody. >> i know scott thuman is excited. the "scandal" stars invaded new york city to show off the show-inspired mannequins. you can see them at sax 5th avenue at chevy chase. >> a billion dollar online black market drug business is shut down this morning. f.b.i. agents as rested ross olrick in san francisco but he faces charges in baltimore, as well. he ran a website that sold illegal drugs and services. he is charged with murdering the witness of an under cover agent. he is due before a judge tomorrow. >> 6:27 tomorrow plan is still another half hour of good morning, washington ahead. coming up a closer look at the
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>> live from the abc7 broadcast centers this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30 still no end in sight for the government shutdown as we now enter day three. we will talk about what's next, coming up in a live report. >> plus, capitol fans pull out the red jerseys. we're live at the preview against the flames. >> some could argue there is nothing cuter than a puppy. but this one may steal your heart. good morning washington, it is thursday october 3. i'm scott thuman. >> i am a2. happy friday eve to you. we will check this with meteorologist jacqui jeras with a look at your forecast. good morning jacqui. >> things look beautiful for the forecast. it may be a couple degrees cooler than yesterday but it
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will feel the same pretty much, 5 on the way. we have orange color on this october day feeling good. the satellite radar, you can see the clouds but they're generally high-level clouds so you will be bright and sunshine too. fair skies at 9:00. 81 at the noon hour and 84 at 5:00. high today, about 85. big changes ahead with a cool down in the seven-day forecast. we will have that from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. traffic time with amanda at wtop. >> jacqui, it is a mess on 95 in virginia right now. we picked up an accident in the hov system that is causing rubber necker delays in the through lanes and the wall of brake lights we can see on the traffic camera this is 95 northbound. you can see hov lanes in the middle just sitting still. these are residual delays there. we had a camera on it and it looks like it just got cleared
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to the shoulder. i will have another update in 10 minutes on that. it may be in the clearing stages. right now the best bet is to avoid the hov lanes on 95 northbound in virginia and use the through lanes instead. 9 miles per hour due to the crash on fairfax county parkway in the hov system. route 234 to the beltway is taking you almost 40 moneys to come in in -- 40 minutes to come in wood bridge. very slow this morning. a crash on the shoulder shouldn't slow you counsel too much. building delays on the outer loop from new hampshire and maryland. back to jummy and scott. >> thank you amanda. day three of the government shutdown and still no deal to get 800,000 workers back to work. >> president obama leaving the white house today to talk about the shutdown's impact on small businesses. our brianne carter is live on capitol hill this morning with the very latest. good morning, bri. >> good morning to you. the stage is set in rockville
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awaiting the arrival of the president later this morning. president barack obama is expected to speak at a local bits there in montgomery county, talking about the impact of the shutdown. a white house spokesperson says a prolonged shutdown will have a negative impact on small businesses across the country. this comes as the battle to reach a deal continues on the hill. all across the country, people are starting to see their lives affected by what is happening right here in washington. people have been furloughed. others are coming to work but aren't being paid. one woman who was recently diagnosed with cancer says she didn't have options for treatment and then found a clinical trial at nih. that clinical trial has now been put on hold because of the shutdown. >> so, i found it and i made contact and nih was able to get back with me very quickly and they had just begun the are process of evaluating my records that were sent in when i was told that the shutdown was going to happen. >> and so now she will have to
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wait even longer. now, there has been a number of bills on the hill to try and fund part of the government, but that has really been a nonstarter. many democrats saying they do not want to piecemeal this, they would like to see one clean bill to fund the government. of course, we've already talks to one deadline. we are fasts approaching another deadline for the debt cell ceiling and many believe the shutdown could last weeks. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> thank you, brianne. on a lighter note, it is time to rock the red and the verizon center tonight, as well . that's because the capitols are going to take the ice to rebound from the season opening loss to the reining stanley cup champions, the chicago blackhawks. i know, john, you have great confidence that things will turn around quickly. >> complete confidence. there is only one i could be
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holding a hockey stick at this early hour. hockey is back a in the capitol. the boys in red will bounce back tonight against the flames. with the new season comes new changes. not only for the capitols but the entire league. take a look brand new jumbotrons on 7th street if you don't have tickets to get inside. other changes have to do directly with the team itself. we have new young stars on the ice. stars of the future for washington's hockey team. this is a realignment for the nhl which means the caps will move to an a district with rivals new york and philly. >> we're hoping to put on a good
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show. we really want to have a great year. >> 7:00 tonight at the verizon center. the capitols do pretty well in home openers. they've won 10 of the last 11, losing the last one earlier this year because of that nasty lockout. forget about that and play hockey coming up in 20 minutes he will have one shot for the front office of the capitals to give me a call and suit up for tonight's game. >> all right johnny we will look for that in a couple of minutes. 6:37 now. top intelligence officials reveal more about spying in an effort to defend the national security agency. the agency faces accusation it is invaded the privacy of americans on a massive scale. they admit they tries to track american's cell phone locations. they ran tests in 2010 and 2011 to see if it was technically possible to gather u.s. cell
6:37 am
site data. the information they collected, they say, was never used. well, your time now 6:38. it is 63 degrees. still ahead on good morning, washington, new developments in the vandalized 10 commandments mondayumeant into
6:38 am
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins t tea party republicans to block thelan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passe terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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>> we want to have our fans cheer and watch us play enjoy it. >> thank you for saying good morning to us, and good luck to him and the rest of the team tonight. >> we take a live look now as the sun is starting to peak out behind some trees. georgetown road there. it is going to be another nice
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day. so nice we can't keep eileen whelan inside. >> we have to chain her to the weather center, she got out again. [laughter] >> seriously she is out again, out on the loose! it is beautiful this morning. live cameras we've seen from amanda meadows showing us the traffic cams and jacqui jeras with the weather bug cameras, it looks spectacular. temperatures starting off comfortable in the 50s and 60s. some spots, i'm out here in a short sleeved shirt and i feel comfortable. 65 downtown. our frederick location is not being reported right now but i have to give a quick shout out to new market elementary school for having me last night at stem night, thank you so much for welcoming me to your school and helping to talk about the weather. of course it doesn't hurt when the weather forecast is so fantastic. today, partly cloudy and warm. if you liked yesterday, it is pretty much just the same as today. temperatures maybe a degree or two lower than yesterday between 82 and 87. things looking fantastic of course, in the weather
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department. even they are not looking as fantastic on the roadways, i know who is looking fantastic amanda meadows. >> good morning, eileen. we have major delays on 95 coming in fracture virginia. brake lights to morton in the hov system. we have record that is cleared so that is great news from anybody coming in from virginia but you still have significantly days. we have a new accident on 395 northbound. a crash is working on the left side. you can see in the cameras the left lane is closed on the live cameras there. there is back up on 395. slow go. they stopped traffic briefly to get a tow on scene, so that is the good news. you may want to stick with the hov lanes inside the beltway. we also have got some delays on the outer loop. typical delays through montgomery county. we can see the bright yellow.
6:43 am
for now i'll send it back to you. >> thank you amanda. coming up, a tiny puppy getting a lot of ohs and ahs in the newsroom and might steal you
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>> this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> good morning washington. happy birthday to you. if you liked yesterday as weather, you will like it again today. kids heading out to the bus stop this morning, things look fantastic. a beautiful beautiful sunrise. i know it is still so dark so early but once that sun comes up it is going to heat things up quickly. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning by lunchtime and recess time outdoor recess for sure. you will want the short sleeves and shorts. 81 degrees. by later this afternoon, partly cloudy and high temperatures around 86 degrees.
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jummy and scott back to you. >> all right, thank you very much eileen. around the region now d.c. police release surveillance video of two men they believe toppled a stone monument of the 10 commandments. >> they say the incident happened on september 21 on private property behind the supreme court. the christian out reach ministry says the monument has sat outside its offices sis 2006. police are asking for anyone with information about the two men you see in the video to contact them. >> the road in manassas is now reopened it had been shut down overnight as police investigated a deadly crash. one person died in a single car accident. >> d.c. residents can learn more today on how to navigate the new health care law. d.c. health link is offering a free in-person information center from 3:00 to 7:00 at 3935
6:46 am
benning road in northeast d.c. >> >> and, 7 is on your side now. a new study suggests staying in an intensive care unit could be bad for your health. researchers at vanderbilt university determined mental loss lasted as long as a year for people that spent time in the icu. a third of patients suffered mental deficit similar to a moderate traumatic stage injury. they also linked it to mild alzheimer's. they say they need to do a better job of keeping ancients in the icu alert. >> more and more bees are dying off and experts are trying to find out why. one in three colonies disappeared last year with no clue or explanation of what happened. another loss this year could devastate the american food supply. fewer bees mean no pollinators and that could lead to shortages. >> one in every third bite we eat, fruits nuts and vegetables
6:47 am
that enrich our diet those are at risk. >> scientists have found plenty of clues as to what may be killing the bees. that includes pesticides, blood-sucking mites, viruses and disease but at this point there is still really no smoking gun. >> 64:00 and we're following news around the nation this morning. today is the registration deadline for people who became ill because of september 11 crash sites. people knew about the illnesses but october 3, 2011 can sign up for the victim compensation fund online. this fund is or is residents volunteers and rescue workers at the world trade center thanksville, pennsylvania, and here at the pentagon. >> and the boston bombing suspect tsarnaev wands more freedom behind bars. he wants a judge to lift restrictions to be placed on him lightened herbal. tsarnaev is accused of building
6:48 am
and planting bombs at the april 15 marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 260. >> california's governor is expected to sign a bill into law today allowing people living in the u.s. illegally to get driver's licenses. immigrant advocates have long lobbied for the change. they want immigrants to be able to drive without a fear of a speeding ticket that would lead to their deportation. most states do not allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. >> a man who slap a toddler on a plane could spent six months in jail. joe hundley slapped the child and called him a racial slur in february. he is scheduled to be sentenced in january. and bill and hillary clinton could soon be getting new titles. grandparents. >> daughter, chelsea clinton,
6:49 am
says she is ready to start a family. in an interview with glamor magazine, the former first daughter says they want 2014 to be the quote year of the baby. her mother asks them about it every day, which i believe often that one. hillary, come on, it might not be every day but i'm sure hill vie like -- >> she is not working, lost her job as secretary of state. >> give me some kids to baby sit, come on. [laughter] >> grandparents like to babysit. >> it is news because they spoil them and give them back to you. as mother you spend like a week trying to unspoil them and get them back into their routine. you do not? anyway okay. are you ready to say oh, ah. >> of course. what do you got for us? >> a fireworks show. look at the rooftop cameras. >> wow. >> that is good. >> it has the pink for breast cancer awareness going on. >> i love it, yes.
6:50 am
>> pink sunrises all month long. >> walking around a little bit. >> i like that idea. 7:06 is sunrise time so this is a reflection of the sun in the clouds but what a beautiful beautiful view. you've got to love it with a few clouds in the morning because it does cause a little bit more reflect activity and that brings us that beautiful color. 65 degrees, it feels good. as good as it looks, how about that. 66 degrees at dulles. gaithersburg is 57. bwi 65. 60 degrees in lexington park. clouds continue to move in but mostly high thin clouds as we have moisture starting to stream in from the south as west ahead of a frontal system here. this is going to be a very strong cold front which causes severe weather tomorrow in the plain states. notice the cool air moving in on the backside of it. we see blue on the map, by we're
6:51 am
in the bubble part of it is still in the work sector. the clouds will drop the temperature as couple degrees compared to yesterday. we were up to 88 degrees. the tropics, things are looking more organize the in the yucatan channel. it could become tropical storm karen later today. we have dry air and wind sheer to encounter but it will hook one that cold front in the midsection and bring up some rain by monday. we're dry as a bone, 82 to 87 degrees. partly cloudy. tomorrow, a stray shower will be possible with elevations, so in the mountains, about a 20% chance. so the rest of us partly sunny 82 to 86. seven-day forecast you have to love through the weekend. here comes the rain, could see a couple of downpours and temperatures a little more normal for october by next week. let's check on the roads this morning. amanda meadows, you have good color for us this morning in. >> we have good colors on our mapping system as far as
6:52 am
brightness goes but the red may not be so enticing to hose head aid long 95 northbound and virginia. this is up towards the beltway. the hov system, we had an earlier incident. we watched it clear on the camera so all lanes are open in the hov. significant key lays. estimated -- delays. estimated drive time 41 minutes. residual key lays. 395 northbound, you will lit the brakes again if you come into the beltway and use the northbound lanes due an accident. a back up and delay in the through lanes there so very very slow go. hov would be the better bet inside the beltway. we have new activity on the bw parkway, that is going to be northbound at 175 right leadership closed there. southbound rubber necker delays. if you want any more information on that crash along 395 northbound or the bw parkway, in your car put it on 103.5 fm.
6:53 am
traffic updates on the 8s and when it breaks. >> and good thursday morning for all of you. coming up, new details on the deadly accident on a tennessee highway. you see the aftermath here, a crash involving a church bus a tractor trailer and suv had a left eight people dead. we will have the very latest from the scene. that and much more coming up next on "good morning america". >> thank you josh. 6:54 now. it is time for the thursday express. >> here is what you need to know before you go. at least 82 people are dead after a ship carrying african my grants caught fire and sank off the coast of a sicilian island. so far more than 150 passengers have been rescued but more than 200 are still unaccounted for. >> at least five are dead after a plane crashed shortly after taking off in nigeria.
6:54 am
officials say there are some survivors. that plane was chartered and carrying 27 people. >> and, if case you have not heard, abc's hit show "scandal" is back. the someone -- season appreciate me is tonight at 7:00. >> we start with brianne carter on capitol hill. >> jummy, still no deal here on capitol hill. the bitter back and forth continues on this, the third day of the partial government shutdown. meanwhile president barack obama will leave the white house and head to rockville, maryland. he will be at a construction company to talk about the impact of the shutdown on businesses. a white house spokesperson says a prolonged shutdown will have a very negative impact and on small business. they will reconvene here today to see how long the shutdown will continue. >> the boys in red will play the home opener against the flames at the verizon center at 7:00. i've teased enough. it is time to put up or shut up. i've got to hit the orange cone. one shot. how is the form?
6:55 am
>> pretty good. >> here we go. and wide left, into the street. into the street. jacqui back to you. [laughter] >> the forecast, we've got some sunshine this morning, but the high-level clouds are starting to move in 71 degrees at 9:00. 84 degrees at 5:00. it is going to be another warm day. amanda? >> jacqui, we're still seeing big delays on 95, 395 due to two incidents. one of those is earlier in the hov lanes fairfax parkway, 35 northbound, it is all clear and open. 395. bwi if you're heading out extra crash there all lanes open but use 95 instead. for now, i'll send it back to you. >> i was wrong, he hit the cone. >> he did. >> in the muddle though. >> before we go now still a noble effort.
6:56 am
before we go, some puppies are born just adorable and small. >> that's right but this tiny yorkshire named angel could be on track to claim the world's smallest dog title. the five week old pup weighs about 5.5-ounces which is about an average -- oh, my gosh. angel needs to be at least a year old to claim the guinness smallest dog title. right now a chihuahua in puerto rico is the record holder. look at that little thing. >> all right. that's going to do i
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good morning, america. double-whammy. a major rainmaker on the drink of becoming tropical storm karen, headed right to the gulf coast. and another huge storm at the center of the country. up to two feet of snow on the way. sam is tracking the latest. and breaking news. tragedy at sea. at least 78 dead in a massive ship wreck off the coast of sicily. more than 150 people rescued at this hour after jumping into the water to escape the fire onboard. keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> american radio legend casey kasem, in a vicious feud. his wife versus the rest of his family. millions at stake. get ready, america. it's your chance to decide what these adorable bouncing baby pandas will be named. panda-monium starts this morning, only on "gma."


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